Eudaimonia – Human Flourishing Center is a non-profit interfaith community, striving to empower the individual and the community to flourish physically, mentally and spiritually.


Founded in 2016, the inspiration for a human flourishing center in the foothills of Colorado was a concept developed from the meaning of Eudaimonia. What does “Eudaimonia” mean? AAristotle coined the term eudaimonia, which is best translated to mean human flourishing” or the innate potential of each individual to live a life of enduring happiness, penetrating wisdom, optimal well-being, and authentic love and compassion.

What does physical activity have to do with a ministry?  Our mission is to empower you with the ability to focus intently upon a high purpose.  This type of focus is difficult for a weak, frail, and mortal body. We can increase your ability to focus by improving you fitness, strength, and movement.  The Eudaimonia interfaith community doesn’t care if you are a Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Mormon, Shintoist, Taoist, or Jedi; all spiritual traditions should have two imperatives; love and service.  Improving you physical health will improve your ability to love and serve others, better and far longer.  If you haven’t yet connected with your internal divine spark to flourish, identified your higher purpose, or you have no intention of fitness being anything more than mundane, we believe that your awareness and concentration will compel you to love and serve those surrounding you better and in turn your entire community to flourish.

In speaking with the local mountain and Colorado community we identified the desire and need for the following:

  • Interfaith Community Gatherings
  • Physical activity classes, summer camps, and programs for all ages.
  • Personal Training, Physical Therapy, and Fitness Rehab
  • Family and Individual Counseling
  • Spiritual Advisor Contacts and Resources
  • After-school & Home-school mentorship and enrichment programs
  • Fundraising programs for local schools & non-profits
  • Space use for gatherings; such as weddings, memorials, etc.
  • Community Garden & Farmers Market

Some of these programs, services, and gatherings have already begun, while others are long-term goals.  If you are interested in being involved, or have an idea that is not mentioned, please contact us.  We are excited to be in beautiful Indian Hills, learning how we can better serve our neighbors and surrounding community!